10 Most Profitable Business To Start With 10k

Business To Start With 10k

Most Profitable Business To Start With 10k – Here we are again and this time around I’ll be showing you a list of really profitable Business that you can start with 10k and below.

Starting a business this days is very important to every serious minded person especially as the Nigeria Economy is falling aparts.

The Era of spending all time in seeking for white collar Job is gradually wading off while the quest of being self employed is fastly taking over space.

Some Have the capital but don’t know the actual profitable business to start while some don’t have the capital but their head are already filled with many profitable business ideas.

Whatever your case Maybe, Just read on as we will be highlighting some really profitable Business ideas you can start with 10k and even lower.

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List of Profitable Business ideas To Start while in School

10 Profitable Business To Start With 10k

Now let’s proceed to highlighting the list of really profitable Business To Start With 10k and below.

1.  Snails Farming
2. Selling Of Foodstuffs
3. Recharge card Business.
4. Popcorn Makings.
5. Selling Of male and females Under wears.
6. Bead Makings.
7. Small Scale fish Farming.

Now that I have listed out the profitable business To Start With 10k and below, I’ll be given and an explanation on each and also how to get started.

1. Snails Farming:

Yes, Snails Farming came first on my list simply because of its profitability and ease of doings. This particular Business To Start With 10k and even less.


2. Recharge card business

Recharge card business is yet another profitable Business To start with 10k but if you are more financially buoyant, then combining recharge card Printing and retailing will be more profitable.

To Start this, all you need is to walk out to recharge card wholesalers and bought some pieces in bulk and then start reselling them in your neighborhood.

If you’re in a very busy location, then you’ll continue to see how profitable this business is in no time.

For Recharge card Printing, Click here to read More.

3. Selling Of Foodstuffs:

This requires to simply purchase foodstuffs in large quantity from the market or wholesalers and then resell them in your neighborhood in small quantities.

4. Popcorn Makings:

If you are skilled in popcorn Makings, then you can consider starting this business. You can simply purchase corns from the market and then turn it into popcorn. You’ll surely receive patronages for those who loved it. most especially students.

If you’re financially buoyant, you can purchase a popcorn machine which is about 26k in other to ease the stress of doing it locally.

5. Selling Of Male and Females Underwear:

Underwears are a low cost materials which are relatively on high demand. So why not Consider buying this in bulk and then reselling them in smaller quantities?

With 10k, you can buy female underwears like panties, bra, singlets e.t.c and male underwears like boxers, singlets etc in bulk and then resell them in lower qualities.

6. Small Scale fish Farming:

This yet another profitable business you can start with 10k or even less. you don’t necessarily need to drill a fish pounds or whatsoever.

All you need to do is to buy 2 big and wide  rubber bowls, fetch a pure water on one of bowls and then buy a live fish to rear.

Here is the logic, fill the first bowl with pure water.

Buy a live small fishes and keep inside the filled rubber bowl.

Add a fish feeds into the filled rubber bowl containing the fishes.

Fill the second bowl with pure water and then move the fishes to it. Wash the first bowl and keep reshuffling the fishes daily for routine cleansing.

The fishes will grow, mature and replicate as the time goes on.

You can start selling out your fishes but always remember to have a leftover to ensure your fish Farming continuity.

7. Bead Makings:

For those who are talented in making bags, key holders, hand beads and so many fashion materials out of beads, then you may consider this business.


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