12 Things To Consider While Buying A Smartphone

Things To Consider While Buying A Smartphone

There are many things one need to carefully considered while buying a smartphone most especially if you buying a smartphone for the first time. To some, buying a smartphone as easy as walking in to a dealers shop and pick up one.

But to satisfy your needs, there are things you need to consider before buying a smartphone and those things shall be listed and explained in this article.

In this modern days of improved Technology, owning or buying a smartphone is almost the wish of everyone but a good number of peoples sometimes make the mistakes of purchasing a smartphone that doesn’t suit their needs which later results into regression.

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As the name implies, a smartphone is simply a type of mobile phones that perform smartly. A phone is said to be smart when it’s able to perform most of the functions of a computer and also run a downloaded third party Applications.


When it comes to smartphone, there are basically two (2) types of a smartphone which are the Android OS and the iPhone OS. OS here stands for Operating system.

iPhones OS are products of Apple Inc while all other phone brands run on the Android OS.

Now let me continue to highlight the things you need to consider while buying a smartphone.


  1. Spare Parts Availability:

The first thing to consider while buying a smartphone is the how readily the phone spare parts will available for purchase if in case you need to replace a part on your phone.

Spare parts like Calibrator, Screen, Panel etc should be a thing of great concern before making a choice on a smartphone.

  1. Battery Life:

If you are the type of phone user that works with too many power consuming Applications or stay longer working on your phone, then choosing a smartphone with a better battery capacity should be your focus.

Also if the power supply in your area of residence is epileptic, then you need a phone that can serve you for longer hours without charging.

  1. Memory/Storage Capacity:

Phones memory’s are classified in to two which performs different functions.
We have the RAM and The ROM.

RAM: RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This type of memory help to temporarily stores the application a user recently opened or used.

A smartphone will run slower if this temporary storage (RAM) get filled up. So if you are the type that works with heavy/large Applications at a time, it is advisable you opt for a smartphone with higher random access memory (RAM).

ROM: ROM as a computing acronym which stands for Read Only memory which is commonly known as the phone Internal memory/storage. This type of phone storage help to stores your files permanently unless it is deleted by the user.

ROM also contributes to how fast a smartphone operates. the higher the available storage capacity, the faster your phone performs. So going for a phone of higher ROM is better off than going for those with lower ROM.

Though a phone read only memory (ROM) or simply internal storage can be extended by inserting SD cards but study have shown that Applications installed on external SD cards usually runs a bit slower than those installed on the phone Internal storage (ROM).

  1. Camera:

Nowadays, almost everybody goes after phones with sharper cameras. but one great mistake some dudes usually makes is by judging the sharpness of a phone camera by its mega pixel.

Take for Instance, a phone of 5MP may present a better and clearer image than a phone of 8MP or Even 16MP. So while taking a consideration of a phone mega pixel, also take a look at its aperture. an aperture of f/2.0 is usually better than that of f/2.2.

  1. Operating system (OS):

The operating system of a smartphone can greatly affects its performance. both iPhone OS and Andriod OS keeps upgrading their operating system to fix some bugs and also to add new features.

So the newer OS version, the better it is and vise versa.

  1. Processing cores/Processor:

When it comes to Smartphones, we have processors like MediaTek, Quad-core, Octacore, Snapdragon etc. those processors are usually expressed in a unit called Gigahertz (GHz).

So the higher the processing cores, the faster your phone runs. The logic here is that processors with Gigahertz (GHz) are better and works faster that those with smaller Gigahertz (GHz) and vise versa.

  1. Screen Resolutions/Displays:

This simply referred to the screen size of your Smartphone. in term of this, individual choice varies, so if you’re the type that fancy large screen phones, then the ball is now in your court. Same goes to those that doesn’t fancy large screen phones.

  1. Price/pricings:

Before planning to buy a phone, the first thing that should be considered is your budget/worth. So look in to your pocket or wallet and then make the choice that’ll better suit you.

Cost Of Repairs:

Before buying a smartphone, always think the inquire to know how much the repairing of such phones usually costing in case if the unexpected happens. you can easily inquire this from phone engineers.

If after the inquiries, you think you’ll be able to afford the repairing cost, then you can proceed to buy your phone.

  1. Connectivity: Smartphones connectivities ranges from device to device most especially in term of internet connections. 3g network is usually faster faster than 2g networks. 4g is faster than 3g and so on.

So if you’re the type that spent much time browsing the internet, going for a higher networks like 4g or 5g will be better depending on your budget though.

  1. Data Drainage or Consumption Rate: This also should be a thing to put in consideration while buying a smartphone. Smartphone Data Consumption rate usually varies depending on the type of phone models, connectivities, background Applications etc.

So just decide on this and then cut your clothes according to your size.


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