20 Days Intensive Crypto Trading Class

Cryptocurrency trading is undoubtedly the new way of making money online without much stress and high risks of loosing funds, this is because even if one is unable to make profit (which is rare), Getting your capital back is almost very possible.

Though crypto trading had been around for many years now but many don’t really key into them or even realize it’s potential as a stress-free income source. Though like every other businesses, starting a cryptocurrency trading also requires some capital whether small or huge but the higher the capital, the more profits you stand to generate.

Owing to the fact that many acclaimed Investment platforms have been crashing and carting away with Investors hard earned money, Many now diversify their Investment into Cryptocurrency trading which is relatively safer and better if done the right way.

It has come to our notice that many still don’t have knowledge about what crypto trading entails and how they can take advantages of it to enrich their pocket. Owing to this fact, We at Decentworld meet and volunteer to organize a 10-day online crypto Trading class to all interested individuals at a very affordable price (N2,500 only).

This Crypto trading class shall be holding from May 18th, 2021 to 6th June, 2021. So interested individuals can reach out to Us HERE ON WHATSAPP to book a slot. The class is gonna be interesting and explanatory as all questions will be attended to.


• The Block chain/Bitcoin
• Coins and Token
• Wallets/Exchange/Crypto
• Airdrop/ICO
• Token Trades (Coinswap)
• How to buy and sell shitcoins
• Binance Complete Guides
• Exchange Trading (Binance)
• Limit Order
• Market Order
• Stop limit Order
• How to deposit or withdraw from your crypto wallet (Binance).

And so much more at just N2,500 only (Limited offers).


• Kindly Note That enrollment fee is N2,500 only.

• Payments can be made either by bank transfer or via crypto (Ethereum, Bitcoin, trons, LTC etc).

• Class shall hold on WhatsApp for all enrolled members.

• Ensure you’re ready to enroll and learn with us before sending us a message.

• Kindly MESSAGE US ON WHATSAPP for your enrollment.

Call: 08167465544 for your questions.

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