10 Businesses You Can Start Without capital In Nigeria

Start Without Capital

If you have been looking for a profitable business you can start without capital or maybe you have little Capital but don’t know what Business to start with? If such is the case, then this article will surely got you covered.

Some Folks out there are well Business oriented but rising the capital to start such a business hindered their business ideas and eventually force them to bury such a blissful Business idea.

While Other folks lacks a business ideas or  are simply not Business oriented but have the needed or required capital to start a business of their choice. This usually leads to lavish spendings of such a supposed business capital.

If you’re the kind of folks that is business Oriented but lack the startup capital, then this our article on Business You Can Start Without capital will guide you through starting a petty business that will help you raise funds to start that your dreamed business.

Perhaps, if you are just looking for a way to make money online with capital, then this article also solve your problem. Because a good Numbers of Businesses list here are online based and Requires little or no capital.


Below is a list of low risk and Profitable Business you can start without capital:

1. Article Writer OR Freelancer:
2. Affiliate Marketing.
3. Tutor
4. Social media Influencer
5. Events Planner/Decorator.

Now that I’ve provided you with a list of business you can start without capital, let me also give more details on each of the businesses list above.

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List Of Business You Can Start With 10k And Below.

How To Choose A good Business Environment

1. Article Writer OR Freelancer:

As the name implies, this involves writing articles for an organization of blogs while they pay you in return. So if you are the type of person talented in writing, then this is surely an opportunity for you to showcase your talent and also earn a living.

A good place to start your Writing skills is the Opera News Hub. Am kinda sure you must have seen the various articles that comes up as soon as you launched/opened your Opera mini Browsing app, Those Articles are not magically there but they written by someone like you.

You can sign up for a free account and start writing for them right away. For every of your Articles that has 10k clicks/views, you’ll earned #360. Opera mini has over 350 millions readers so attaining 10k clicks/views isn’t something impossible or difficult. In fact, Some Writers attained 100k clicks within 24hrs of posting their Articles.

Apart from Writing for Opera, you can as well reach out to any bloggers known to you and request them to employ you as a writer. Lordpress and Scooper News is also a good platform to start with.

All you need to do in order to succeed in this type of business is develop a good Writing so as to give your clients a good first time impression. For Opera News hub creators or writers, no special Writing skills is required but always ensure your headlines and photo thumbnail are catchy enough to attracts more clicks.

Also note that before you can Successfully registerd on the Opera news hub as a content writer, you need to first of create an Opay account which you’ll be using to receive your Opera newshub payments.

Visit the Google play store to download an Opay app, open the app and click on Sign up. Now fill in your details to complete registration.

Once your Opay account have been created, simply click here to register on the Opera newshub

2. Social media Influencer

Your Social media handles can be a legit source of income if you understand and utilize it the fullest.

If you are the type that have many active friends and followers, then you can reach out to those willing to advertise their events or brands and then help them advertise on your timeline, pages or groups.

You can Create a page or group with a trending events name like BBNAIJA updates, Admission News, JAMB And Waec Helps etc to gain more followers and ultimately run clients sponsored ads.

Add more friends on Facebook or other social media and starting posting interesting things like jokes, latest news etc, your friends will like and Follow you more for updates.

3. Tutor:

If you are the type of person talented in teaching, then you can seized this opportunity to start monetizing your talents.

You can reach out to parents and showcase your teaching talents and also convinced then to see reasons why they should employ you as their kids tutor.

You can as well have a designated tutorial centre where you gather kids and tutor them at a token.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing involves promoting a company’s products while you earned a token for every purchase made through you.

You can simply start your Affiliate marketing campaigns with companies like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Bluehost, Hostinger, etc. simply visit their website and sign up for a free Affiliate account then start promoting their products.

5. Event Planner/Decorator:

If you’re talented in Decorations and planning, then this is exceptionally for you. Reach out to peoples and help them plan and decorate their even venues while you receive your own Payment.

6. Catering Services:

If you are good in cooking, then you can reach out to peoples who need your services and opt to prepare their occasion foods and servings.


Daycare service is simply the act of looking after children’s when there parents are not around or when they are off to work while your client pays you in return for your rendered services.

Many parents today are either a civil servant, a trader or businessmen/businesswomen and in order to perform their daily duties, they need to have some around who will be able to properly take care of their children’s or wards.

So you can reach to peoples in need of this type of service and then Strike a deal with them. you can either bring their children’s down to your own lodge or remained with them in your clients house (depending on the agreement and level of trust).

Your payment can be weekly, biweekly or monthly. it all depends on your agreements with your clients.

In order to Successfully rendered a daycare Service, one need to be very jovial and caring, do not be too harsh with the children’s because once the complain to their parents, you may be stroke off your duties.


Crypto currency Business: Just like we have our physical currencies like Naira, dollars, cedis etc, so also we have many online based currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Trons etc.

This online currencies are called crypto currency and can be used for the purchase of products online. Crypto currency can also be exchanged for cash through Crypt apps like Luno and Roqqu.



Graphic designing is also a business you can start without capital investment and also from the comfort of your home. though you need to have a special skills in order to be a successful designer and also to attracts clients. You also needs to have a PC or tablet to carry this out.

Bloggers, digital marketers, Affiliate marketers etc usually needs a graphic designer to design a good looking logos, banners or flyers for their blogs or marketing service.

If you are a good graphic designer, you can showcase your designing skills on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and interested customers will hit you up.

Don’t just wait for customers to hit up first, you can reach out to your potential clients and convinced them on how you can better their brands with your graphic design. you’ll be hired and paid for your service.


Web designing involves the design of a website or blog for clients at an agreed price. some folks wishes to bring their skills or brands Online so that they can attracts more customers but lacks the ability design their website themselves which will in turn force them to hire a web designer to accomplish their tasks.

If you’re a good web designer, then you’ll stand a good chance to be hired. You need to have a special knowledge in blog designing, e-commerce website, Affiliate website etc.



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