Crypta Investment Reviews; Legit OR Scam

Crypta Reviews

Crypta is a new online money making platform which promises to reward investors 50% of their Investment in 6 to 7days depending on the investment plan. According to, they are an InvestLearn platform which means a user Invest, Earn and also learn online.

Crypta is also an app based Investment platform like Earners FX and Smartearn but with lower Investment platform and durations. But there a lots of things to know about this platform before jumping in to it and we shall provide all that information in this our Reviews. Just read on without missing a line.

DISCLAIMER: We are not in any way affiliated with this platform and as such we are not paid to write this review. this Reviews is wholly based on our own observations and the will to enlighten the public. You are therefore, at liberty to accept or reject this reviews.

It should also be noted that we are not here to tarnish the image it reputation of the platform


Just like the likes of Earners FX and Smartearn, Crypta is also an investment platform that promises to reward investors 50% of their Investment in just 6 to 7days depending on the investor’s Investment plan. this sounds great but gently read on to discover more and make your own decisions.

It is to be noted that the Crypta platform receives and paid their Investors based on their own currency called CRT. (according to the platform, 1CRT = 1naira). this means that an investor will be required to purchase CRT to invest and also convert his CRT into Naira at the end of the investment circle.



The platform operates based on five (5) Investment plans as at the time of writing this article. The five Investment plans and their return on investment (ROI or Profit) are as listed below;

Crypta Investment plans

• LIGHT ==> Invest 3k and get back 4.5k in 6days.

• SILVER ==> Invest 5k and get back 7.5k in 6days.

• GOLD ==> Invest 10k and get back 15k in 6days

• ELITE ==> Invest 20k and get back 30k in 7days.

• PRIMER ==> Invest 50k and get back 75k in 7days.

The above are the available Investment plans as seen in their official website (


Since Crypta is an investment platform, there are no much tasks to perform in order to earn, According to, an investor only needs to invest with them and then watch as their money grows and multiplies. That sounds great right? Just read on to know if it is really as it is said to be.

Crypta app

The platform also rewards their Investors 15% of their referrals first time Invested amount as referral bonus.


Crypta offers their Investors two (2) types of withdrawal methods Which are internal transfer and cryptocurrency withdrawal.

• Internal Transfer means that an Investors will transfer his CRT to a fellow investor and then collect the cash equivalent to the CRT.

• Cryptocurrency withdrawal Allows members to withdraw there earnings from the platform to their cryptocurrency (Trons and Ethereum) wallets like ROQQU where they can sell it and Receive their cash.


Crypta Investment was launched on 1st November which makes it just 9days old as at the time of writing this Reviews. Also, Reviews will be based on five (5) factors which will help our readers decide for themselves whether the platform is legit to them or not.

Firstly, As earlier said, The platform is currently 9days old which makes it quite difficult to decide whether it’s legit or not.

Secondly, The CEO of the platform is unknown or perhaps known only to his vendors. This doesn’t mean the platform is scam but A legit CEO will undoubtedly boast of himself.

Thirdly, The domain is set to expire in October 2021 which means the platform will no longer be accessible after expiration unless it is renewed. October 2021 is still far ahead though.

Fourtly, The platform claimed they Generate their revenues from cryptocurrency and Forex trading. This is quite ironical because the returns from cryptocurrency and Forex trading is usually not that huge to pay an investor 50% of their Investment In just 6 to 7days. This makes it looks more like a Ponzi scheme.

Fifthly, Members Opinions; Some existing members of the platform complaints too bitterly that the Crypta app is just too underdeveloped and this claim was also confirmed by us. This indicates Unprofessionalism and incompetency.

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