TMB Income Reviews (Legit or Scam)

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TMB Income Reviews (Legit Or Scam)

For the past few months, many platforms have been launched, while some are still running with strict payment polices, others crashed within few days/weeks of launching leaving their members with no hope.

Just recently (On June 8th) another platform was launched and it’s Named TMB (Team million builders) income and many have been wondering if this is legit or scam like many others. Let’s take a glance at this platform.

What is TMB income and How does it works?
TMB income is an abbreviation for Team million builders. It falls in the Categories of Reading News to get paid platform which many are considered to be a failure.

How it works:

TMB income claim to reward members as follows:

Sharing of sponsored post [#100(2 daily)]
Registering of New members [Referral bonus (#1,000)]
Reading of news [#5(No Limit specified]
Minimum withdrawal (#3,000 for activity earnings and #2,000 for referral earnings)
Weekly withdrawals.
Registration fee is #1,500.

Please kindly Note that the above earning rates is based on the platform’s pronouncements and therefore may subject to changes.

How does TMB income generates it’s revenue?

The CEOs of TMB claimed to generate his revenues from crypto currency trading, new membership registration, and ad companies like AdSense(coming soon).

How Legit is TMB income and how long can it last?

The longevity of this program depends on the revenue generations.
It is a known fact that no online business of this nature last forever so also TMB income.

Though many scam sites usually don’t have a traceable CEOs but however the CEO of TMB income is traceable. This may serve as a green light but doesn’t guarantee of longevity and sustainability.

Secondly, revenue from crypto currency and ad companies alone can not be sufficient for membership payouts hence, new membership registration contributes a greater part to it’s sustainability. This is to say that the platform may find it difficult to pay it’s members when new membership registration suddenly halt. This may serve as a Red light and may also lead to change of suitable policy in the long run.

Conclusion: Joining early will be more beneficial because no online platform can boast of lasting forever. TMB income aim and objectives is certainly not to scam the public but due to shortage of revenue the platform may experience on the long run, payment of members might become difficult leading to change of policy to better sustain it.

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