Unionpay Investment Reviews, Legit Or Scam


Unionpay Investment is another Investment platform that was launched recently and they boast of paying their Investors a whooping 50% of their Invested amounts in just 3days.

Since read news to get paid platform seems to have already died down or probably on relegation, Investment platforms has now taken the space of online business and many CEOs now comes up with one Investment platform or the other.

But the question is, are they all legit?? The Simple answer is NO because not everything you see online is legit. So great cautions needs to be taking why deciding on which online Investment platform to dive into.

In this article, we will be providing the full Unionpay Investment Reviews based on our observations of the platform.

DISCLAIMER: We are not in any way affiliated with this platform and as such we are not paid to write this reviews and at the same time we are not here to tarnish the image or reputation of the platform.

You are at liberty to either accept or reject this reviews and also your dealings with the platform will be so solely at your own risk. we shall not be held responsible for anything that happened thereof between you and this third-party platform.


Unionpay Investment

Unionpay Investment promises to reward their investors 50% of their investment just within 3 days and they operate based on 5 plans. the available plans and ROI are:

UNIONPAY NAIJA WHITE: invest 5k and get back 7.5k after 3days.

UNIONPAY NAIJA BLACK: Invest 10k and get back 15k after 3days.

UNIONPAY NAIJA RED; 20k to get back 30k in 3days.

UNIONPAY NAIJA PURPLE: 30k to get back 45k in 3days.

UNIONPAY NAIJA ROYAL: 40k to get back 60k in 3days.

Above are the available unionpay Investment plans and return on investment (ROI).


In unionpay, a member can only Earn through means; Return on Investment and by referring new investors.


Once a member Registered and Invest on the platform, the member only needs to wait for 3days for his Investment to mature after which he’ll be paid back his capital + 50% ROI.

And when an investor refered a new investor to the platform, he will be credited with 5% of his referee’s first time Investment.


Unionpay Investment has only one withdrawal type which is Direct bank payment. you’ll be paid directly into your bank account upon request.

According to UnionpayNaija, before a member can withdraw his Investment, he/she needs to recommit with an amount equals to his invested capital.



This means that before an investor on the N5,000 Investment plan (UNIONPAY NAIJA WHITE) can withdraw his/her N7,500 at the end of 3days, he/she will needs to pay another N5,000 as a recommitment. once the Recommitment fee is paid, your N7,500 will be paid to you Immediately and another Investment start counting.

In a nutshell, you must reinvest before you’re paid your existing Investment and ROI.


Interested members can visit the unionpayNaija website @ unionpaynaija.com to create an account.

After Successfully creating and verifying your account, you’ll be required to pay a N1,000 activation fee (aside your investment) to an account that will be displayed to you on the page.

Once your account is activated, you can then proceed to make an investment.
We’ll now Proceed to our main article “Unionpay Investment Reviews”


Our Unionpay Investment Reviews will be based on Five (5) factors which are; CEO identity (who is the CEO of unionpay)? Domain Duration, How long the platform have been in existence, Our Personal Observations and members opinions.

Who is the CEO of Unionpay?

The CEO of Unionpay Investment is unknown and may wondered why a legit CEO will be hiding or disguising himself.

Domain Duration: The domain name (Website address) was registered on October 27th and will expire on October 2021 which means the website will be inaccessible after expiration. Though domain name can be renewed.

• The website was launched on November 9th which makes 24hrs old as at the time of writing this Reviews. It is therefore, too early to judge if it’s legit or not but still read on for more informations.

Below is our own personal observations;

==> The platform doesn’t have any online payment gateway neither does it have a vendors; Having an online Payment gateway is usually a proof of legitimacy because of most gateways strict Requirements to accept a platform.

The platform doesn’t also have a vendors;   only one personal account is presented on the platform for members to pay into. if the platform is legit enough, they would have go with an online payment gateway or a company account.

==> 50% ROI within just 3days is practically not feasible. How and where will they Generate such a revenue.

==> The platform requires Recommitment before members can be paid. Meaning you cannot withdraw your earnings untill you reinvest.

• Based on Members Opinions, None of their members have been complaining so far. But since the platform was launched 24hrs ago, members will surely not complain untill pay day.

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